About Roberto Destarac

Robert Destarac

ROBERTO DESTARAC - Award Winning Photographer

Focused on the Beauty: A Journey Through My Lens

Landscapes, travel, street, and sunsets—these are the styles of photography that inspire my work. As a relentless seeker of excellence, I continuously refine my skills to create art that reflects my deep passion for the world’s stunning beauty.

Guatemala, the land of my birth and upbringing, is a hidden gem in Central America. Its diverse climates, rich geography, and vibrant traditions weave a tapestry of awe-inspiring wonder. Here, ancient Mayan ruins silently testify to a rich historical past, while the whispers of colonial heritage tell tales of resilience. The rugged beauty of volcanic landscapes harmoniously contrasts with the modern rhythm of bustling cities. And the people, with their kindness and warmth grace this land with a unique soul.

But, also as a geologist, I have explored the earth’s origins, understanding its geological composition and evolution. My classroom is the great outdoors, the vast expanse where rocks, soil, and time intertwine. Here, I learned the language of strata, the whispers of minerals, and the secrets held within each geological layer.

Combine both and you´ll find a photographer who has traveled far and beyond capturing natural and cultural beauties, acquiring an intimate understanding of how our earth works, and paying attention to features that others may not notice. With passion, technical knowledge, and the right gear I produce high-quality images and stories to share with my audience.

With a camera as my companion, I traverse continents, capturing moments that words fail to express. The Mayan temples shrouded in mystery. Cobblestone streets narrate tales of centuries past. Volcanoes, their fiery origins now dormant, stand majestically against the backdrop of azure skies. And sunsets painting the heavens with hues of longing and farewell.

Passion fuels my creativity. Technical knowledge sharpens my vision. And the right gear helps me capture fleeting moments of magic. From the heart of Guatemala to distant horizons, I weave stories in pixels and prose. Each image, a testament to our shared existence, whispers, “Stop, look closely; beauty is here.”

So, let us embark on this journey together, my audience. Let us celebrate the symphony of Earth—the grand overture of landscapes, the delicate notes of tradition, and the magic of sunsets. For in these moments, we find our shared bond—the heartbeat of a planet that spins tales of wonder.

Achievements/Credentials - 

  • Honorable Mention, IPA 2023 for "AGUA VOLCANO SUNSET" - Nature, Landscape Amateur Category.
  • Exhibited in galeries throughout the world.
  • Honorable Mention, El Camino de las Flores Exhibition 2022 for "SUCULENTAS DE LOS CUCHUMATANES" - Flowers and gardens category.  Contest promoted by the Antigua Guatemala Photo Club and The Center for Mesoamerican Research (CIRMA).  http://cirma.org.gt/
  • Bronze Award, Epson International Pano Awards, 2020 for "VOLCANOES THUNDERSTORM". 
  • Winner 35 Awards 2020 for "THE GATES OF HELL" - Volcanoes Contest.
  • 3rd Place International Photography Awards 2018 for "THE GATES OF HELL" - Nature Other category. 
  • Honorary Mention International Photography Awards 2018 for "TURQUOISE POOLS" - Nature Landscapes category.
  • Finalist 35 AWARDS 2017 "THE GATES OF HELL" - Landscapes Night category.
  • Performance Award for the Humanity Photography Awards 2017 for the collection "MAYAN WEAVERS".  http://www.hpa.org.cn/
  • Private collection "GUATEMALA" sold to Novartis Farmaceutica Guatemala 2016.
  • Honorary Mention, Guatemala Tras Mi Lente, 2015 for "PARADISE" - Contest promoted by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism INGUAT
  • Published by National Geographic Traveler Facebook Video